Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lesson 8: Channeling Energy - The Receiving Hand

In Lesson 5, we discussed the Sending Hand, so this lesson will focus on the opposite hand, the Receiving Hand. The Receiving Hand is the hand you favor to use least (if you're right handed, then the receiving hand will be your left one).

When you need to move energy from a certain place with focus, it is important to use your Receiving Hand. Lesson 5 had an exercise where you would make a ball of energy in your hand and then return it back to your Heart Chakra, so we will build from that exercise to continue your training.

  • Sending Hand - Revisited
    Extend your Sending Hand from your body keeping your elbow slightly bent and visualize a ball of bright light moving from your Heart Chakra and down your arm to your Sending Hand. Open your hand, palm up, and allow the ball to rest in your palm. Continue to feel the ball grow in size in your hand and feel it gain weight as more energy is added to the ball.

    Now instead of returning the ball back to your Heart Chakra as in Lesson 5, we will tranfer the energy into your receiving hand.

  • Hover and Transfer
    Extend your arms from your body keeping your elbow slightly bent, align your hands to where the palms are facing one another and at least two feet apart. Continue to focus on the ball of energy remaining in your Sending Hand. Now what you want to do is release the energy ball in the air in front of you using your Sending Hand. As the energy ball hovers in position, focus on using your Receiving Hand to attract the ball to the palm. Your hand should not move and the ball should snap right into the palm of your hand as if attracted by a magnet.

  • Return the energy
    Now that the ball of energy you created in your Sending Hand is now resting comfortably in your Receiving Hand, it is now time to return the ball to your Heart Chakra. Focus on the ball of energy in the Receiving Hand and have it begin to break down and flow into the hand and through your arm. Once it is fully broken down, move all the energy back into your Heart Chakra. The energy should now be returned to the chakra and be warm and calm.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice
    Do this same technique for each chakra covered so far. The Base Chakra is Red. The Sacral Chakra is Orange. The Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow and the Heart Chakra is Green. Practice channeling energy from each chakra into the Sending Hand and then return it back into the Receiving Hand.
In the next Channeling Energy lesson, we will look at using energy to cast (or create) a magical protective circle to add extra protection for your meditation sessions. We will also discover how to recover this energy so that it can be reused for other purposes.