Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Am I cursed?

Sometimes you may feel that you life is moving in the right direction, then all of the sudden, out of nowhere, you may get hit with a maelstrom of negative energy and things start to fall apart.

Over the ages, people have asked, "Have I been cursed?"

Although hexes and curses are real and can really disrupt your life, they are very rare indeed. Curses are defined as spell or energy work sent out with the intent to harm another person or their well being. They can emerge as bad luck, demonic interference (negative entities), or just complete disruption in someone's life.

When life presents us with "hard times", we may ask ourselves, "What did I do to deserve this?". This also has us taking a look at ourselves to see if we have manifested some negative karma due to our own actions.

In actuallity, bad things happen to good people. The world, like our personal lives, shifts together in spiritual conscience and awareness. During times of great economic depreciation, war, famine or disease, the global conscience can become introverted. During good times of prosperity, the world extroverts in abundance. Sometimes, we as individuals, get caught up in this. The more spiritually aware we are, the more sensitive we become to these "universal" shifts of conscience.

You also have life lessons to consider. Maybe the Universe is crying out to you to change your direction, your focus. Perhaps you have gotten too caught up in material values or whatever. We have to walk through the valleys to reach the mountaintops. One thing you can always count on in life is that change will always happen, everything is always in motion. If it doesn't, your life will become stagnant and you cannot realize true happiness.

When it comes to curses, this has most often been associated with witchcraft because practicing magic has a stigmatic association with evil. This misguided falsehood was propagated out of fear and misunderstanding, thus adding to the level of malevolence and disruptive power it has to influence our lives.

The largest group of people that practice magic identify themselves as Wiccans (or Witches). The first law of magic among many of its followers is "Do as ye will, Harm None". Since a curse would harm someone very seriously, most people who are actually capable of doing it refuse to do so.

Remember when I also said the part about negative karma? Well, witches also have a rule about that too. It is called the "Law of Tree" or the "Law of Three". What this rule implies is that what energy we send out (both positive and negative) returns to us times three OR how ever many times it takes for us to learn our lesson. Think back to when you were told not to play with fire because it burns. How many times did it take you to learn that lesson?

So if you have a psychic, spiritual healer or anyone for that matter telling you that you are cursed or being influenced by demons, you should consider their motivation. Are they asking for money to remove the curse? If so, maybe their real motivation is to get your money. Most people who are capable of removing "real" curses and who can sense them, would simply do it for free or provide practical advice on how to do it yourself. Remember that what we send out, returns to us, so a practitioner of magic will be rewarded for their efforts to help in those rare times of actual curses simply based on our faith in the "Law of Three" and not because we need money.

A real witch or healer doesn't have to charge to cast magic for you because we can cast spells to manifest prosperity in our lives.

In the end, most times that we may be overwhelmed with negativity, it is simply life and our level of sensitivity to the world around us. Whether you are cursed or "life is happening", there are some quick solutions to remove these negative energies from your life.

  • Do Good
    Simple as that. Start helping people and try to remain positive. Give to local charities and help people out.

  • Cleanse Your Life
    Salt is one of the most powerful and easily available ways of clearing negative energy from you life. Soak in a nice, warm Sea Salt bath to purge negative energies surrounding you (sea salt can be picked up in the spice section of any local grocery store). You can also mix up some salt water and go to each opening of your home (each window and door) and bless the opening by sprinkling some salt and calling upon your faith in your spiritual path to protect your home and family.

  • Shield of White Light
    Call upon your faith and ask for the negative influences to be removed from you through divine power. Visualize a beam of blinding white light coming from the heavens and surrounding you (and even your home). As the light comes in, visualize the negativity being burned away drifting off as ash.

  • Understand Why
    You should also ask your deity for understanding and what it is that you need to learn from all of this.
In the last 15 years, I've only met two people that I felt were genuinely cursed out of the thousands of people I have counseled and helped through everyday life. In the end, I believe that it is important to look at what is happening and ask yourself what lesson is there to be learned from what is happening in your life.